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Happy Thanksgiving 2020

I enjoy watching the TV show Alaska The Last Frontier. If you didn’t know, the singer Jewel is the daughter of Atz Kilcher who is a member of that homesteading family. Here is Jewel singing Simple Gifts as a treat for Thanksgiving.

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Alaska 2012 – Part 5

Arctic Circle On Wednesday morning we were again up very early. We had to be at the Northern Alaska Tours office by 6 AM for a road trip to the arctic circle. It was too early to get breakfast so we each just grabbed a muffin by the front desk of the hotel. Then one […]

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Alaska 2012 – Part 4

Denali National Park We left Anchorage Sunday morning on our way to Denali National Park. We would be spending two nights there which was one of the main reasons we picked this particular cruise tour. After one stop at the Alaska Veterans Memorial, we arrived at the Denali Visitor Center in the late morning. Georgia […]

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Alaska 2012 – Part 3

Hubbard Glacier Our last full day of the cruise portion of our cruisetour was a sea day with a stop at the Hubbard Glacier. We started out by watching the approach to the glacier from our balcony. The captain first turned the starboard side toward it so we were able to get a very good […]

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Alaska 2012 – Part 2

Icy Strait Point Icy Strait Point at Hoonah, Alaska was our second port of call and the only tender port of the cruise. We had a whale watching trip booked so, after an early breakfast, we went to the Aurora Theater to wait for our tender group to be called. The ship was anchored close […]

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Alaska 2012 – Part 1

┬áChicago to Vancouver On July 19th, Georgia and I left home for our second cruisetour to Alaska. Our first one was in 2006 with Carnival Cruises. This time we took a longer trip with Royal Caribbean. I can tell you that Alaska is just as spectacular the second time around as it is the first. […]

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Alaska – Part 4

Day 9 – Fairbanks Our tour group, along with several others, gathered in the hotel lobby on Thursday morning. What seemed like total confusion to us was routine for the Holland America people who got everyone on the right buses and on their way without a problem. Our group was split up between two buses. […]

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Alaska – Part 3

Day 6 – Sitka Sitka is another tender port so we met our group in Pharaoh’s Palace before boarding the tender for the trip to shore. This was the first day that we saw the more typical southeastern Alaska weather. The day was cool and rainy but, since out first excursion was in a semi-submersible […]

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Alaska – Part 2

Day 3 – Ketchikan I was up early on the third morning so I sat out on the balcony and watched while the ship was anchored in the harbor. Ketchikan is a busy port and the docks can’t handle all the cruise ships that visit. The lines take turns anchoring and tendering their passenger to […]

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Alaska – Part 1

We got back from Alaska this morning. The heading at the right warns that I might post about an occasional non-flying adventure and, this is one of those. Although I didn’t do any flying on the trip, there are still going to be many references to aviation. It is almost impossible to spend any time […]

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