Animate Your Ancestors

What if you could see your ancestors on a video - even if they lived long before movies were possible? 

Well, now you can! Sort of that is. A new tool called Deep Nostalgia on the MyHeritage site makes incredibly realistic animations from still photographs.

I tried it on some of my photos and the results are amazing.

Using My Great-Grandparents Wedding Photo

For my first try I used a print from an old tintype. This photo is of my great-grandparents George Moore and Minnie Belle Wing.

George and Minnie Wing Moore

After uploading the picture to the Deep Nostalgia site the tool went to work. First it enhanced the photo, then identified the faces and finally created separate animations of each. The whole process only took a couple minutes.

I was very impressed by the job MyHeritage did. The eyes blink, the head moves and the mouth is expressive.

Animating A Color Photo

I wanted to see what Deep Nostalgia would do with a color photo so I used this one from my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.

John Clough and Lydia Cory Clough Anniversary

Again, it only took a couple minutes to generate these videos.

Now It Is Your Turn

I think Deep Nostalgia is simple amazing. You have to try this for yourself.

See your ancestors in a whole new way!