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7 RV Tips That Can Save Your Butt
​We all want our RV adventures to be safe and fun. Unfortunately, there ares some gotchas that can quickly spoil[...]
Iced Over
​Two major snow storms, the polar vortex and now two nights of freezing rain putting a glaze of ice on[...]
Cabin Fever? Not Yet!
​January has us sticking close to home most days. After a mild start to the month, ​the weather has turned[...]
Happy New Year 2019
​I gave you a pretty heavy story and video for Chistmas so I wanted something easy to watch for New[...]
Merry Christmas 2018
​Each year at ​Christmas I​ ​post a version of Silent Night. This year I have something a little different to[...]
Happy Thanksgiving!
​It's that time of year again. The weather is getting colder, the leaves are almost gone and, at least ​in[...]
Happy Halloween
   Happy Halloween   Happy Holloween   Happy Holloween
Back to Pumpkin Fest
​We have taken Max to Pumpkin Fest a​t Country Bumpkin every year since he was one. So, of course we[...]

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​I am a 65+ year old, living in Northern, Illinois. The Winging It blog started out as a way to document my private pilot flight training. That training ended​ when I got my private pilot license. Since then, the blog evolved into an account of my experiences and minor adventures as I learn how to make the most of getting older. As Jimmy Buffett said; "I'm growing older but not up."

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