About Winging It

Thomas L Clough

I am a 65+ year old retiree living in Northern, Illinois. The Winging It blog started out as a way to document my private pilot flight training. That training ended when I got my private pilot license. Since then, the blog evolved into an account of my experiences and minor adventures as I learn how to make the most of getting older. As Jimmy Buffett said; "I'm growing older but not up."

My current interests - and therefore most common blog topics - include aviation, computers, photography, RVing, travel, genealogy and 3D printing.  Don't hold me to just those though. I tend to write about almost anything that I feel like. Right now I am enjoying my retirement so the activities I participate in are starting to take on a morel "laid back" aspect.

I hope you will find something in these pages to interest you and will stop by often to visit. Let me know what you like and what you don't so I can continue to make the blog better.

Thank for stopping by the Winging It blog,