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Aviation Library – iPad Style

When I was a student pilot, I carried two flight bags to each lesson. One held my headset, flashlights, E6B, plotter, charts, etc. All the stuff I needed for flight planning and flying. The second bag held my books. I carried all the standards like the Airplane Flying Handbook, Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, FAR/AIM, […]

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Good Winter Reading

This is the perfect time of year to settle into your easy chair with a good aviation book. Two of my favorites are Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook and Instrument Pilot’s Handbook. If you are working on either rating, I don’t think you will find better guides. I used the private pilot manual all through […]

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Where Will I Go From Here?

Getting that private pilot certificate opens up the whole world of aviation to us. So, where in that world will I go next? I have some ideas for the short term but, I also know that my goals will certainly change with time. The first use of my new certificate will be to take my […]

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Thoughts on my Private Pilot Training

I am going to split this training wrap up into two parts in the interest of brevity. First, some thoughts about flight training in general and about training for the late bloomer. The second post will be more about where I plan to go from here. Your comments on both topics are encouraged and welcome. […]

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Private Pilot, Airplane, Single Engine, Land

For all of you who thought I would never get this private pilot thing finished (including me at times), I did! It has been a long road with a lot of starts and stops, highs and lows but; I saw it through and this morning I was handed a temporary airman’s certificate. Yep, I am […]

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Lesson 112 – The Real Final Tuneup

Sunday was supposed to be the last training flight before the re-test but, Monday morning was IFR so I didn’t get it done then. Tuesday and Wednesday were windy with gusts over 30 knots so I canceled those too. Today is a repeat of Wednesday. I canceled with the DPE but kept the airplane so […]

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Lesson 111 – Final Tuneup?

The weather was marginal today but, we were able to get out in the pattern for some fine tuning before the re-test. We did seven good touch and gos in an hour of pattern work. This was probably my best landing session yet and I feel ready for the DPE. Unfortunately, the TAFs for tomorrow […]

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Lessons 109 and 110 – Getting Ready for the Re-test

I was scheduled to fly on Tuesday but, the winds were gusting over 30 knots so we pushed the flight to Wednesday at 3PM. The plan was to go to Westosha for some more landing practice. On the way there, I was under the hood. Actually, I bought a pair of foggles and used them […]

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Lesson 108 – Short Session in the Pattern

It was another busy week at work so I only had Sunday to fly. I was scheduled at 2pm but, Sandy called before I left home and asked if I could make it later. Another student had taken the airplane on a cross country and was delayed getting back. We pushed the time back an […]

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Lesson 107 – More Soft Field Work and Re-test Scheduled

Work pressures are limiting me to weekends flying only for now so, it had been a full week between lessons. We went to Burlington again (I’m getting more time there than at Waukegan lately) to concentrate on soft field landings. The first two were just a little firm but, the last three could actually be […]

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