Lesson 108 – Short Session in the Pattern

It was another busy week at work so I only had Sunday to fly. I was scheduled at 2pm but, Sandy called before I left home and asked if I could make it later. Another student had taken the airplane on a cross country and was delayed getting back. We pushed the time back an hour and decided to stay in the pattern for an hour.

The cross country student made it back a little after 3pm and I preflighted while the fuel truck refilled the tanks. We ended up doing seven touch and gos in .7 hours of flight time. None of the landings were bad at all. The first three were nice and soft. Then, we started trying different things like varying the approach speed and flare height. The next four landings were a little firmer than the first three but certainly not hard and, I learned a lot about the effect of variations in the approach and flare.

I will try to get a couple more session in this week in preparation for the retest next Monday.