Where Will I Go From Here?

Getting that private pilot certificate opens up the whole world of aviation to us. So, where in that world will I go next? I have some ideas for the short term but, I also know that my goals will certainly change with time.

The first use of my new certificate will be to take my wife for a short ride. I have been trying to get her to go up with one of the CFIs just to get a taste of light airplane flight. She has resisted so far saying that she wants to wait until I can take her up. Well, now I can. I want to pick a nice, smooth air day for the first flight.

This winter, I plan to study for and pass my instrument written. With the written out of the way, I will have two years to complete the flight training for the rating. I will probably get started on that early next fall.

I want to get checked out in some of the other airplanes Skill has. The C150 will be a lower price option when I am going out by myself. The Diamond DA-20s are another one I want to try out. Glass cockpit training in the DA-40 is a goal as well as a complex endorsement in the Skylane RG. Beyond that, who knows. Multi-engine, sea plane, ultralight – there are so many options.

Next summer, I plan to get a glider rating. That is another of those dreams I have had for years and, now I am finally going to pursue it.

Other than that, there are trips to plan and fun to be had. One advantage of being my age is that no one is pushing me toward a career in aviation. I am strictly interested in personal aviation and, that is the way I will approach my future goals. Each new learning experience will be something that I want to do to for me, not to meet an employer’s requirement.