Good Winter Reading

This is the perfect time of year to settle into your easy chair with a good aviation book. Two of my favorites are Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook and Instrument Pilot’s Handbook. If you are working on either rating, I don’t think you will find better guides. I used the private pilot manual all through my primary training. It was the second reference (after my CFI of course) I would turn to to answer any questions I had. They are not only excellent study material for the written and oral exams, they are also handy manuals to have on hand throughout your training and flying career. Both have a central place in my aviation library and I highly recommend them.

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Zach says December 29, 2007

Hey bud – if you’re looking a for a great read try Stick and Rudder. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I haven’t met a pilot who doesn’t have it in their collection.

Tom says December 30, 2007

You still haven’t met one Zach. Stick and Rudder is on my shelf too. It is a great book for developing your flying skills.


Zach says December 30, 2007

I totally agree. I’m not even a pilot yet and got a lot out it.

Peter Bankss says December 31, 2007

Hye Tom after looking at ur post I chkd out Rod Machado’s Handbook and I totally agree with you. I regret for not having laid my hands on this book till now.
Thanx for the excellent recommendation.
I would also like to suggest an e-book “Private Pilot Secrets”. I think this a “must have” book for all those who aspire to be pilots

JHWellington says December 31, 2007


I completely agree with you on Rod Machado’s books. I found the Private Pilot Handbook invaluable during my PP training and have been reading Intrument Pilot for about a month. I’ve passed the written and will be taking my checkride in the next 2 weeks. Rod’s book has made a few of the more difficult concepts clearer for me.

Good luck with your future training.

CptBeluga says January 10, 2008

Machado’s in MP3 format for me as a suppl. to my King School Cessna package. I can listen while sitting in traffic…sweet. (First I found the british captain very dry in his reading but after awhile I realize that it is really good)

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