Lesson 111 – Final Tuneup?

The weather was marginal today but, we were able to get out in the pattern for some fine tuning before the re-test. We did seven good touch and gos in an hour of pattern work.

This was probably my best landing session yet and I feel ready for the DPE. Unfortunately, the TAFs for tomorrow are showing IFR so, the re-test will probably be delayed.

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Oblivion says November 12, 2007

What started out pretty grey has turned into a gorgeous day. I hope you nail(ed) it!!!

Zach says November 13, 2007

Hey there Tom – I’m totally psyched for you to write the post that includes the words “I received my temporary private pilots certificate”

Tom says November 14, 2007

Thanks for the good wishes guys. I did not get it done on Monday. As Oblivion said, the weather cleared up in the afternoon but, I was scheduled at 9AM and the DPE had another checkride in the PM. He said he would make himself available all this week so, we scheduled every day through Sunday. Now if this wind will just let up. It has been strong and gusty for the last two days.

MKT says November 15, 2007

Rooting for you, Tom. I can’t believe you were pink-slipped for soft field landings.

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