Lesson 112 – The Real Final Tuneup

Sunday was supposed to be the last training flight before the re-test but, Monday morning was IFR so I didn’t get it done then. Tuesday and Wednesday were windy with gusts over 30 knots so I canceled those too. Today is a repeat of Wednesday. I canceled with the DPE but kept the airplane so Sandy and I could go out for some good crosswind work.

We went back to Burlington because we expected the examiner to take me back there for the short and soft field landings. I’m not so sure going out in winds well above my personal limits was that great a confidence builder. I ended up with three landings and two go-arounds at Burlington. The landings were OK but, conditions didn’t allow those very soft touchdowns I wanted. None of them were hard or even what I would call firm, they just weren’t those feather light ones where you aren’t sure you are on the ground yet.

I was under the hood all the way there and back so, at least that was good practice. The landing back at Waukegan was the best of the day.

Friday mornings forecast looks good and we are pretty sure the checkride is going finally to happen. I went home from the airport, filled out my new application on IACRA and called Sandy so she could sign it. I will meet with her at 8AM to finalize the paperwork then meet with the DPE at 9AM.