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Fifth Complex Flight

Friday afternoon brought some the best weather of any flying day I have had this year. We were expecting a big snow storm late in the evening (and we did get it) but, ahead of the storm, we had only high clouds and big blue patches. The wind was shifting around a little but was […]

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Fourth Complex Flight

I was healthy, the landing gear was repaired and the weather, while not great, was acceptable Friday. I watched the METARS deteriorate all morning. More and more airports to the west of Waukegan were going from VFR to marginal VFR. Just before I left work at noon, UGN went down to 2900 broken. That was […]

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Not Much to Report

I had to cancel last Monday’s complex training because I woke up that morning with a nasty head cold.  Then, just before I left for the airport yesterday, I got a call letting me know the Cutlass was grounded.  The problem is a broken nose gear spring.  My next scheduled flight is this Friday.

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Third Complex Flight

Yesterday was another very cold but clear day. The Cutlass had flown earlier so it was outside rather than in the nice warm hanger. Pete and I cooperated to do a complete but quick preflight then got inside the airplane and out of the cold wind. I gave the engine two shots of primer, pumped […]

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Second Complex Flight

We finally got a decent flying day yesterday and made another flight in the Cutlass.  It was cold but the skies were clear and the winds light. This flight was pretty much a repeat of the first complex session.  I did more climbs and descents to practice setting up the power, propeller, mixture and cowl […]

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No Surprise – The Weather Stinks Again

One more complex lesson canceled by IMC. I booked again for next Monday and I am looking for a good time to book later this week too. The long range forecast isn’t encouraging. I might have to wait for a decent weather day and jump in at the last minute.

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Foiled Again

KUGN 041452Z 29007KT 4SM BR OVC007 01/00 A2992 RMK AO2 CIG 005V010 SLP143 T00110000 53032Four mile visibility would have allowed us to do pattern work but, a 700 foot ceiling just wont cut it. Pattern altitude at Waukegan is 1500 feet MSL and the filed elevation is 727. To keep the legal cloud clearance of […]

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First Complex Flight

We actually got a decent flying day on Sunday. Winds had been forecast to be gusting to 35 knots but we didn’t get that at Waukegan. When we took off at noon, the winds were 250 at 12 gusting to 20. That was only a small cross wind on runway 23. CFI Pete and I […]

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Tomorrow’s Flight is Already Cancelled

So far in December we have had intense cold, a lot of snow and ice and some very low ceilings. Every flight I have scheduled has been cancelled. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that my complex lesson in the Cutlass, which was scheduled for tomorrow, is already out the window. The TAFs for […]

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Now for a Different Problem

We had a lot of snow over the last week.  The weather was especially awful on Tuesday and Friday.  I had to skip Thursday’s flight because of work so I rescheduled for yesterday.  The weather was marginal VFR when I got to the airport.  Sky condition 2000 ft overcast but with good visibility.  The ATIS […]

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