Foiled Again

KUGN 041452Z 29007KT 4SM BR OVC007 01/00 A2992 RMK AO2 CIG 005V010 SLP143 T00110000 53032

Four mile visibility would have allowed us to do pattern work but, a 700 foot ceiling just wont cut it. Pattern altitude at Waukegan is 1500 feet MSL and the filed elevation is 727. To keep the legal cloud clearance of 500 feet below, we want to have a 1300 foot ceiling. That isn’t going to happen this morning.

Georgia broke her foot on Christmas day and is having surgery tomorrow to repair it. Once I know when her follow up appointments will be I will get on the flight schedule again.

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Danny V says January 4, 2009

In Canada the pattern altitude is 1000′ AGL. So for a field elevation of 727′ the pattern altitude would be about 1700′.

Is it different at Waukegan?

P.S. All the best on the surgery!

Tom says January 5, 2009

The standard in the U.S. is 1000 feet unless otherwise published. 800 foot patterns are relatively common. Here, the Airport Facilities Directory is the official reference and should be consulted before flying to a new airport. In some cases, the TPA is different for different runways at the same airport.

Sarah says January 6, 2009

And Waukegan is class E to the surface, which means the controlled airspace VFR minimums apply. Were it a sleepy class G airport surface, all you’d need is 1000′ and clear of cloud for pattern work.

Hey, there’s a tower, right? SVFR?


Gary says January 8, 2009

Georgia, get well soon!!!

Make sure Tom takes good care of you!

Erik says January 9, 2009

Over at Westosha, pattern altitude is 1500′ as well, and our elevation is 850′. And since it’s Class G, we can do pattern work with an overcast layer at 650′! 🙂

Georgia says January 10, 2009

Hey Gary,
Thanks for your post. I just got back from the Dr. and am doing well. Tom is being a gem. Besides if he steps out of line, I can just kick him with my cast. LOL

Callsign Echo says January 12, 2009

meh, nothing wrong with a little pattern work in IFR…right?

Sarah says January 18, 2009

Nothing wrong, Echo, as long as there is a tower & special VFR clearance.

Or, I suppose, though I’d be pretty uncomfortable without a radar backup – as Erik says, with a class G airport. ( so no IFR approaches published. )

Better to be safe than just legal of course.

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