Now for a Different Problem

We had a lot of snow over the last week.  The weather was especially awful on Tuesday and Friday.  I had to skip Thursday’s flight because of work so I rescheduled for yesterday.  The weather was marginal VFR when I got to the airport.  Sky condition 2000 ft overcast but with good visibility.  The ATIS was announcing that snow removal operations were underway and no pattern work would be authorized.  The Kenosha airport was completely closed and Burlington had an ice covered runway.  We could go to Janesville for pattern work or get above the clouds for maneuvers.  As it turned out, we didn’t have to make the decision.  Someone left the Cutlass’ master switch on over night and the battery was dead.  The staff put a charger on it but it would take a while to get it  charged. The airplane was booked from 11am to 3pm so, we were finished for the day.

I will try again next Saturday.  If we can’t fly the Cutlass, for whatever reason, we will take one of the Skyhawks.  At least I can start getting checked out in something.