Tomorrow’s Flight is Already Cancelled

So far in December we have had intense cold, a lot of snow and ice and some very low ceilings. Every flight I have scheduled has been cancelled. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that my complex lesson in the Cutlass, which was scheduled for tomorrow, is already out the window. The TAFs for time period of the 10am to noon flight look like this:

Milwaukee –FM271300 22012KT 1/2SM RA FG OVC003

O’Hare – FM271000 20014KT 1SM RA BR OVC004

The 300 to 400 foot ceilings and low visibilities are bad enough but the local radio stations are forecasting the rain to be heavy with a chance of thunderstorms as well. That is a rarity in December.

I rescheduled the lesson for Sunday which looks to be colder but dry.