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Garmin Pilot

Garmin has fleshed out its Pilot MyCast app with more features and made the interface much more like the GTN portable and G5000 panel mount touchscreen products. The app is now called Garmin Pilot. “The new design,” said Garmin’s Ben Kowalski, “follows through on our commitment to give our customers a consistent experience across Garmin’s […]

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Anywhere Map Now an APP

I have been waiting for this one! I have been watching the Anywhere Map web site for a long time and was impressed with the software part of their tools but didn’t like the idea of buying yet another piece of hardware. When the iPad came out I expected Anywhere Map to be an early […]

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Portable In-Flight Weather for ForeFlight

Sporty’s, Foreflight and Appareo have collaborated to bring portable ADS-B weather to the cockpit. The Stratus ADS-B reciever and wi-fi hotspot will display NEXRAD radar, text weather, TFRs and GPS position and more (but no traffic since this is ADS-B in only) on multiple iPads running Foreflight.

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Flying with ForeFlight and iOS 5

Foreflight has issued some cautions (http://blog.foreflight.com/2011/10/14/flying-with-foreflight-and-ios-5/) about using the new IOS5 on your iPad or iPhone. It seems the new version can remove app data from your device if disk space gets low. You have no control over what gets removed so there is the potential to lose charts or flight plan data. The best […]

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Use an iPad, Go to Jail?

Lets hope the ridiculous set of proposed  limitations on electronic flight bag use gets dropped by the FAA. If this draft advisory circular, entitled Guidelines for the Certification, Airworthiness, and Operational Use of Electronic Flight Bags EFB, is approved it just might make all portable GPS navigators obsolete. Here is one quote from the Flying […]

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Sporty’s “Flying With the iPad, iPhone and Android”

Sporty’s Pilot Shop has introduced a newsletter for pilots flying with iPhone, iPad or Android devices. The first issue of “Flying With the iPad, iPhone and Android” is out now and, while heavy on Sporty’s ads, it does contain helpful hints, tips and news about non-Sporty’s apps too. Since the newsletter is free, it is […]

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ForeFlight Updated

ForeFlight has released a new version of the ForeFlight Mobile HD iPad app. Now, for the first time, geo-referenced approach plates and taxi diagrams are supported. The new charts are ForeFlight’s licensed version of ChartData from Seattle Avionics. The catch? To use the geo-referenced charts you will have to pay twice as much for a […]

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Is XM Weather Coming to the iPad?

While the iPad is proving to be a very popular and useful tool for aviators – both on the ground and in the air – I think a great many of us would like to be able to see real time XM weather on it while airborn. The day when that is possible may be […]

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MyClip Arrived

My Tiet MyClip Thigh kneeboard arrived on Saturday and I am an instant fan. The compact MyClip takes up very little space in my flight bag. The molded clips are large enough to hold the iPad snugly  but don’t obscure the screen in the least. The whole device strikes me as well made and is […]

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Another Interesting iPad Kneeboard Product

Tiet is a new company based in Thousand Oaks, CA that has introduced a  product called MyClip Thigh to convert your iPad into a kneeboard. According to the company press release:The MyClip Thigh is designed by a pilot, for pilots who want a safe and secure way to use the iPad and have their hands […]

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