End of the RV Season

Temperatures here got below freezing last night so, it is a good thing that I put the Kodiak to bed for the winter a couple days ago. In preparation for that, I added a RV Pump Converter Winterizing Kit to the water pump. That makes it easy to run the antifreeze through the water lines. The trailer came with a factory installed water heater bypass so I didn’t have to add that part.

With the kit added, I bypassed and drained the water heater, drained the fresh water tank and opened the low point drains in the water lines. I left all the plugs out overnight. The next day I replaced all the plugs and ran the antifreeze through each faucet, the toilet and the outside spray port. I dumped a little extra down the drains to fill the traps and I was done with the water system.

I also took out the TVs and Georgia and I removed everything that could freeze. I will take the battery inside later – before we have any really cold temperatures. For now, I still want power so I can do other work in there.

  • Gary says:

    I just went through the same steps on the motor home. I did not put the bypass line in for my 6 gallon hot water heater but I did remove the plug and drain it along with the relief valve to make sure it was empty.

    I use an air line on the city water fitting and blow all the lines out with a small compressor. Then I use the hand pump for the waterline antifreeze.

    Don’t forhet to add some pink juice in the water holding tank.

    Did I mention I really hate winter? We are looking forward to summer already.

  • Thomas Clough says:

    I used to blow out the lines with air when we had a 40 foot trailer parked in a seasonal site. With the Kodiak I found that, if I drain the fresh water tank then run the pump, I can get almost all the water out of the lines.

    Funny you should mention the fresh water tank. The first time I tried to pump antifreeze after I added the winterizing kit, I thought nothing was happening. Then I realized I had the valve in backwards. I was pumping the pink stuff into the water tank instead of through the lines! I took it out, flipped it over and put it back in the line. Everything worked fine after that. Lesson learned – pay attention to the instructions. Oh well, I didn’t have to add any extra antifreeze to the water tank.

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