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Back to Glider Training

I finally got back into a sailplane after three weeks away from training. Saturday morning was windy with poor lift so, only students were flying. I got 4 flights in the Schweizer 2-33 with a different club CFI-G. None of the flights was very long but, we got a lot done in that short time. […]

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First Glider Lesson

In the last post, I said that I had submitted my application for membership to an area soaring club. A couple days later, I was notified that I had been accepted as a member of the Sky Soaring Glider Club. This past weekend was my first chance to exercise my membership privileges by flying one […]

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Soaring Club – Revisited

We had more poor weather this past weekend. That seems to be the pattern this spring. Friday evening we had thunderstorms and Saturday was cold and very windy. Since the temperature was going down into the 30’s Saturday night and it was supposed to rain on Sunday, we left the campground Saturday evening. I did […]

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Soaring Club Visit

This weekend was the start of the camping season for Georgia and I. By “camping”, of course, I mean going to our air conditioned travel trailer with plenty of hot water and satellite TV. We spent Saturday getting the trailer opened up and restocked, raking up the twigs and leaves that accumulate on the lot […]

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Exploring My Options

I haven’t done much flying at all since I got my private certificate. In the mean time, I have been visiting some of the flying clubs in the area looking for one that might have better pricing than where I am now and also have good availability if I want to take an airplane for […]

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