Exploring My Options

I haven’t done much flying at all since I got my private certificate. In the mean time, I have been visiting some of the flying clubs in the area looking for one that might have better pricing than where I am now and also have good availability if I want to take an airplane for a weekend or longer. I think I found what I am looking for this weekend but, I’ll hold off on announcing the name until I make a final decision.

I also have plans to join a soaring club this summer and add the glider rating to my certificate. If all works out as planned, I will be doing a lot more flying in the very near future.

  • PilotBrad says:

    Yea, renting sucks! 😉 My point is, it’s hard just to rent and airplane for what ends up being the $100 (now $200) hamburger. If you are like me, I need a purpose to go fly, and lunch just doesn’t cut it anymore.

    You’re onto something, get a new rating. Glider, tailwheel, high-performance. It will give you a reason to fly. It’s one of the reasons I am working on my instrument rating.

    Good luck!

  • Tom says:

    I agree that renting can be very frustrating. What I see, at least around Chicago, is that most clubs are geared to training. That makes it hard to schedule an airplane for an overnight or longer trip. The club I an leaning toward does do a lot of training and has some very experienced instructors. That will be good when I start on my IR later this year or early next. But they have enough aircraft that, with a couple days notice, it is still possible to get one for a trip. I hope it stays that way.

    The soaring club I plan to join is a non-profit. Once I pay my quarterly dues, I will have free access to the clubs five sailplanes. The instructors there don’t get paid but, they get money off their club membership for instructing. The trainee only pays $5 per hour for instruction. Tows are also very cheap. In addition, as a powered aircraft private pilot, I will probably have the opportunity to learn to tow gliders. That will let me build some free power time and to get my tail wheel endorsement.

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