Soaring Club – Revisited

We had more poor weather this past weekend. That seems to be the pattern this spring. Friday evening we had thunderstorms and Saturday was cold and very windy. Since the temperature was going down into the 30’s Saturday night and it was supposed to rain on Sunday, we left the campground Saturday evening. I did stop by the soaring club again Saturday and, even though no one could fly, there were people around working on equipment. Everything from sailplanes to lawnmowers were getting tuned up for the summer.

Last week I had some concern because no tow pilots were available. This week I learned more about how the scheduling works and had my concerns addressed. I made my decision to join and submitted a membership application. The clubs board of directors must approve it but I fully expect to be accepted. Once I am a member, I will reveal the club name and more details here. I might be able to get started on the training for my glider rating as early as this coming weekend or, more likely, the next one.