Practicing With The Mavic Air

​I have flown a couple more practice sessions with the Mavic Air and am getting comfortable with the controls. I now trust it enough to put the remote down and take pictures of it in ​flight with my Nikon P1000. It's cool to just leave it hanging in the air while I walk around it snapping photos. It ​hold it's position extremely well. I reminds me of the Douglas Adams quote from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy​:

​The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't
Mavic Air

​On my third flight I turned off beginner mode. That removed the height limit of about 93 feet. I flew it up to a little over 200 feet where it is just a speck on the sky. ​It was a bright day ​and I couldn't see the lights on the drone. ​I had to depend on the controller display to know how it was oriented. That works fine and is an important ​technique to get used to​.

​On the third flight I also did some experimenting with video and still photos.  It is easy to change the camera settings while the drone takes care of itself. I will have to do more experimenting to get the best combination of settings but each situation but, for a first try, I was happy with the results. I do need to pay more attention to composition though. This photo would be better with the horizon line higher. I tend to forget about the gimbal control. I will get used to using it eventually.

Mavic Air Photo

​I will be doing more practice flights but I would already be comfortable taking ​the Mavic Air with us on any trip we might ​go on. It is easy enough to fly that anyone can ​get decent results with it after just a couple sessions. On the other hand, it is so capable that there is always going to be more to learn and master with it. 

I haven't even started working with the built in intelligent flight modes yet. That will open up a whole lot of new possibilities.

It will only get better from here!

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