Lesson 93 – Maneuvers Run Through

Sandy and I went out to the practice area to go through all the usual maneuvers. I didn’t have any real problems with any of them. Sandy pointed out a few little things I could do, like getting the power in quicker when entering slow flight, but nothing major. There are a couple things that she didn’t mention but that I know I have to remember. First is to keep up my traffic scan while doing the maneuvers. Sometimes I get to caught up in what I am doing and forget to look around. I do pretty well when I am by myself but, I think, I rely too much on the CFI looking for traffic when I have one on board. The other thing is not to let the examiner distract me. If I get distracted, the first thing that goes is my altitude control.

We stayed in the pattern after we got back and did a couple crosswind landings. Again, they we pretty good but, Sandy pointed out some nit picky things that should help me make them even better.

Next up is my final phase check with one of the other CFIs at the school.

  • MyFlightBlog says:

    Sounds like you are getting close now!

  • Tom says:

    I sure hope so Todd. It has been a long journey.

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