Lesson 92 – Solo and Checkride Plans

I went out to the practice area for some solo work yesterday. I did a quick run through of all the maneuvers and I was happy with how I did. Back at the airport, I stayed in the pattern and did four landings before calling it a day.

The Designated Pilot Examiner I was planning to use for my checkride is taking a long summer vacation and, the airplane I had been planning to use is booked for most of the month of August. Those two problems have made it difficult to schedule my test. Now, I have a plan B that should let me take the practical test this month.

Skip, one of the owners of the flight school, is a brand new DPE and I can take the checkride with him. Because he is new, it is likely that an FAA examiner will want to ride along with us. He wont be there to evaluate me but, to observe how the new DPE does. I told him that that was OK with me so, we are going to go ahead. I do want to be extra sharp to help Skip, and the school, look good.

I will fly with Sandy next and we will go over everything that I can expect to do on the practical. If that goes OK, I will go out with another instructor for one flight and then, hopefully, be signed off for the checkride.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time, and appreciate your informative and inspirational posts.

    Congratulations on your steady progress and best of luck on your checkride.

    Have fun (and stay safe)
    -Bob Chiang

  • Tom says:

    Thank you Bob, the checkride is very close now.


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