Waiting out the Weather

I haven’t posted lately because, I haven’t had the chance to fly for a while. The weather here in the Chicago area has been crummy, especially on the days I have been scheduled to fly. Today is a perfec t example. I should be leaving right now to go to the airport but, here are the current METARS:

KUGN 211652Z 17003KT 9SM BKN008 24/21 A2995 RMK AO2 CIG 007V013 SLP133 T02390211

That 800 foot ceiling is actually the highest it has been all day. Of course, now that I have canceled, the sun will probably come out and the birds will start to sing. Oh well, I will try again on Thursday.

  • David says:

    What a perfect day to start your IR! Seriously…

  • MyFlightBlog says:

    Sadly, the weather in Chicago looks to be bad all week. If the weather is bad Saturday you should drive over to Palwaukee for the Control Tower Tour or if the weather is nice fly in (http://www.myflightblog.com/archives/000218.php)

  • Tom says:


    We get plenty of days like that around here. I will look for one when I am ready to start my IR.


    I saw the meet up notice on your blog but, I am so far behind on other things that this weekend is over booked already.I hope it goes well. It looks like Saturday will be the best weather we have had for some time.


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