Lesson 91 – Touch and Gos

The weather wasn’t great yesterday. It was another hot, humid day and METARS around the area showed low ceilings with scattered rain showers. Sandy and I stayed in the pattern for more landing practice but, this time, we did touch and gos instead of full stops. That let us get in more landings in a short time and, as a bonus, we weren’t cooking on the ground while we taxied. We did seven landings on runway 23 with a right cross wind then switched over to runway 32 to get in two more with the wind from the left. Sandy threw in a power off short approach on 23 and, on our last landing on 32, the tower asked for another short approach because of inbound traffic for runway 23.

Both of us were pleased with how this session went. Weather permitting, I will go out by myself on Sunday to fine tune my maneuvers.

  • David says:

    Dang! You must have everything down ice cold by now. Get that checkride done!!!

    Good luck!

  • Tom says:


    I’m working on it. We are having trouble scheduling the examiner and the airplane at the same time.


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