Lesson 74 – Solo Maneuvers

My Thursday lesson was canceled because the winds were gusting to 40 knots. Yesterday was an almost perfect day though so, I went out to the practice area for some solo practice. I only did high work this time so it was a lot of steep turns, slow flight and power off stalls (edited 6/11 – see comments). My altitude control during the steep turns was much better. My next solo will be to work on ground reference maneuvers.

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David says June 11, 2007

You did stalls by yourself? I’ve never been that comfortable doing them! I like to have some backup on those…. 🙂

Tom says June 11, 2007

Let me clarify that a little. I’m OK doing power off stalls by myself. I still want a CFI along to practice power on stalls.


David says June 12, 2007

Well, at least with power on stalls, you have one less step for recovery!

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