Lesson 75 – More Solo Maneuvers

Yesterday was another beautiful weather day. When I walked into the Skill office, Sandy just handed me the keys for 8ES and asked if knew what I was going to do. I told her I was going to work on ground reference maneuvers. She approved and sent me on my way. During the preflight, I found the fuel tanks were under half full. The FBOs fuel truck has not been running for the last few days so, they haven’t been able to get to the ramp to fuel the airplanes. I went back into the school where one of the CFIs directed me to the fuel pumps (I had never had to go over there before). Back in the airplane, I started up and called ground for permission to taxi to the pumps. Once fueled, I called again and taxied to the runway for departure to the west.

Unlike Sunday when I saw several other airplanes while in the practice area, on this day I had it to myself. I did a couple steep turns while I was still up high then dropped down to 1700 feet for rectangular patterns and turns around a point. I had wanted to do some S-turns too but ran out of time. My ground reference work was OK but not great. If I get the chance, I will spend another solo session working on them.

If the wind is right, Thursday will be a dual session for more crosswind practice.