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Yesterday was the first really nice flying day we have had here for a long time. Unfortunately, I didn’t go flying. Other commitments kept me on the ground. That is going to have to change very soon.

I did find a new resource for aviation information/entertainment though. The Flight Time Radio Show looks like a very promising new venture. Right now, the show is only broadcast live in the Jacksonville, Florida area. For those of us who live elsewhere, we can listen to the live show over the Internet, listen to archived shows at http://www.flighttimeradio.com/show_archive.htm or subscribe to the podcast at http://www.flighttimeradio.com/pods.xml. From what I have heard so far, the show should be a hit with pilots. I know I like it.

  • Zach says:

    I agree – I think the show is great. I was really surprised that there wasn’t something like it that existed before.

  • Oblivion says:

    FYI, the podcast link in your post is broken. The text itself is fine, but the link (the href=”. . . part) is missing the leading ‘h’ in ‘http’. Minor, but worth fixing.

  • Tom says:

    Thanks Oblivion. The link should be fixed now.

  • Charlie says:

    Hi Tom, and THANKS for the good word about FlightTime Radio. I wanted to give you the updated links.

    The Home Page is; http://www.flighttimeradio.com

    Archives are;

    The PodCasts are at;

    I appreciate the kind words for the show. Give us a call sometime!

    Charlie, Show Co-Host

  • Charlie says:

    Looks like you are just south of the Jelly-Belly Factory!

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