Trying to Fly

I had an airplane scheduled for yesterday but, the weather stayed IFR all day. The area forecast for today was showing a window of VFR for the afternoon so, I rescheduled for today at 1 PM. It is now 10:15 AM and the TAFs are showing IFR for O’Hare and marginal VFR at 1100 feet for Milwaukee. The current ceiling at Waukegan is 400 feet and has been since 7 AM when it dropped down from a whopping 600 feet. So, I just called and canceled again. I made a reservation for next Saturday, we will see how that works out. If we happen to get a reasonably good flying day during the week, I will try to get some time off from work to take advantage. I don’t want to go very much longer without getting some flight time.

  • rusty wrycza says:

    darned weather lately – a few sundays ago the tower at Dupage/KDPA sounded more like Ohare/ORD than a small airport – landings were stacked 3 deep

    good luck on the weather this weekend

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