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This Is Spring?

​The calendar says it is mid April. The buds are on the trees and some flowers are poking up their heads. So, Georgia and I took a springtime road trip up to Wisconsin last week. The first day we were there was very nice and spring like but, the next two days we had snow, sleet […]

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Iced Over

​Two major snow storms, the polar vortex and now two nights of freezing rain putting a glaze of ice on everything. This has been a very wintry ​​three weeks! The trees, front steps, driveway, car and everything else ​were cased in ice. It was a challenge just walking out a few steps to spread ​salt.  ​I […]

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Cabin Fever? Not Yet!

​January has us sticking close to home most days. After a mild start to the month, ​the weather has turned against us.  Two heavy snow storms and a few more moderate snowfalls have given the snowblower the biggest workout it has had in years.​Now, the sky is clear but a polar vortex is keeping us […]

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This is April?

  • April 15, 2014
  • / By tom

The middle of April shouldn’t look like this! Afternoon of April 14th – snowing hard Morning of April 15 – sunny but only 27 degrees F in downtown Chicago. Forecast high of 38 degrees.

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We haven’t had much of a winter but now we are getting smacked with the heaviest snow of the year. The season isn’t over just yet!

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The Blizzard

  • February 3, 2011
  • / By tom

Northern Illinois, like so much of the country, was hammered by the blizzard of 2011. My workplace was closed on Wednesday but I ended up spending almost four hours of my “day off” clearing my driveway. Normally, that takes less than half an hour. The drifts were to high for the snow blower to handle […]

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