Cabin Fever? Not Yet!

​January has us sticking close to home most days. After a mild start to the month, ​the weather has turned against us.  Two heavy snow storms and a few more moderate snowfalls have given the snowblower the biggest workout it has had in years.


​Now, the sky is clear but a polar vortex is keeping us indoors where we can stay warm and cozy.  Today is Wednesday. The actual temperature is ​23 degrees below zero and will stay ​below zero all day with wind chills reaching 50 below. Tonight will be even colder.

​We are stocked up with everything we need and just sitting tight. It is a good time to watch TV and relax. No cabin fever yet - we are just happy to be out of the weather.

The end is in sight though. By Friday we should be above zero and the weekend will be in the 40s with rain. If you don't like the weather in Chicago - just wait a minute!​