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More Trailer Mods

I did a couple more complicated modifications to the Kodiak this past weekend. These were not difficult but they weren’t just adds on either. Both took a little work to install. First, I added a StarLights LED fixture in the bathroom. We chose this particular fixture because it has provisions for adding accessories into the […]

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Super Easy Trailer Mods

  • March 27, 2014
  • / By tom

I was finally able to get some work done on the Kodiak this weekend. The snow drift in front of the trailer door has melted. It was still pretty cold but at least I was able to get inside to make sure everything was OK and do some easy outside projects. Those Christmas gifts Georgia […]

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End of the RV Season

Temperatures here got below freezing last night so, it is a good thing that I put the Kodiak to bed for the winter a couple days ago. In preparation for that, I added a RV Pump Converter Winterizing Kit to the water pump. That makes it easy to run the antifreeze through the water lines. […]

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