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Completing Our Reunion Tour

​It has been a busy summer for reunions! Georgia’s 50th high school reunion was Saturday at the University Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was our third, and last, reunion of the summer. The others were my class reunion and the Clough family reunion.We ​drove to Grand Rapids on Friday and had lunch with Georgia’s […]

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Two Road Trips – 1 Planned and 1 Not

On Wednesday of last week, Georgia and I took a “cabin fever” break by making a short two night trip to Wisconsin Dells. We stayed at our favorite hotel in Baraboo and spent much of our time at Ho-Chunk casino. They had a promotion going on that awarded rewards play for certain tasks. 10 points […]

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Georgia is a Michigan State alumnus and she has been wanting to return to the MSU campus for a football game for a while now. This past weekend, the Spartans were playing Notre Dame so we decided to go. We made the drive to East Lansing on Friday for the game on Saturday. Saturday morning […]

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Great Lakes Road Trip

My Aunt Juanita celebrated her 80th birthday in Eau Claire, Wisconsin over Memorial Day weekend. Georgia and I decided to extend our trip by coming home to Chicago the long way – through the Upper Peninsula then down through lower Michigan and Indiana. We left on Friday, May 25th, and spent the first night in […]

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Georgia was hospitalized four time in August and September for gastric pain. It appears the gastric bypass hasn’t fully solved her problem. Right now she has a tube in the bypassed portion of her stomach that comes out through her abdomen. It is there so a gastroenterologist can do an ERCP and look for possible […]

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