Georgia is a Michigan State alumnus and she has been wanting to return to the MSU campus for a football game for a while now. This past weekend, the Spartans were playing Notre Dame so we decided to go. We made the drive to East Lansing on Friday for the game on Saturday.

Saturday morning we drove to the MSU campus to look around. Even though the game was not scheduled until 8 PM, many roads and all the parking lots were closed so there wasn’t much we could do except drive through. We went to downtown East Lansing so Georgia could shop in the Student Book Store there. We got lunch then went back to our hotel to rest up for the evening.

We hadn’t come equipped to tailgate so we got subs on our way to campus. We chose parking lot 48 since that one is the handicapped accessible lot and offered a shuttle to the stadium. The partying was already in full swing when we arrived a little before 5 PM. We ate our sandwiches then caught the first shuttle over to Spartan Stadium. The gates wouldn’t open until 6:30 but we were able to sit and soak up the game day atmosphere from just outside. The game itself was something of a let down as the final score was MSU 3 – ND 20. But hey, we were there for the experience not the score -yea right.

On Sunday morning, we went back to campus. The road and parking lot closures were gone so we did get a chance to park and see more before we had to leave for home.