On the Ground

The weather was way too bad to fly yesterday. We had rain all day and even a couple thunderstorms thrown in. It wasn’t the usual January weather we get here in northern Illinois but, it happens some times. Another student and I teamed up for a ground school session with Tim. We went over engine out procedures for the Warrior and covered some of the FARs. I am scheduled for another lesson tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a flyable day.

I have been doing some reading during the last couple weeks. I have William Kershner’s Student Pilot Flight Manual which is very good for the flying part of training. I also have Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook which I think is a great book for the ground school stuff. The book is easy to read and Machado makes difficult subjects easy to understand. I highly recommend both books. I also have a copy of the FAR/AIM which I haven’t used much yet. There are other books that I will need as I go along. Tim suggested I get Aviation Weather, Aviation Weather Services and a Piper Warrior II Manual to start with. I have a lot of studying to do over the next few months. It’s a good thing that aviation is a topic that I enjoy reading about.

  • Dave says:

    Congratulations! I know you are going to have fun with this. I would like to follow your progress, but am having some difficulty subscribing to your feed. (Parsing error). Can you help?

  • Tom says:

    For Dave (and anyone else who tried to subscribe in the last couple days), it lokks like there was a problem with Feedburner. I got it resynced this morning so it should work now. Please let me know if you still see problems.


  • Dave says:

    Thanks Tom, that fixed it!

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