A Home for the Travel Trailer

Our travel trailer finally has a new home beside the garage – letting me have my parking space back.

Yesterday we had our old driveway removed and a new one laid down. There is now a pad beside the garage for the trailer and a widened driveway in front that will allow room to back onto the pad.

We can’t use it for a few days so the trailer is at a local storage facility for now. We can drive on the new asphalt in three days and park on it in a week. It looks good and will mean less switching of vehicles to get in and out of the garage.

Work in progress yesterday:

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Erwin Davis says September 14, 2012

I must say you did a good job.Thanks for sharing!

Gary says September 20, 2012

Just had our driveway extended from the drive way along side the garage too. Easy to park and will help keep the rig out of wx. I’m going to purchase a cover for the winter months.

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