Trailer Mods – TV Mount

Our travel trailer has a shelf over the  refrigerator, with an antenna and a power jack, where we could set a TV. But a television setting there was hard to see while sitting at the table or lying in bed so we wanted to mount one on a full motion arm. The problem was, there was no wall strong enough to support a TV. I ended up removing a piece of paneling behind the shelf, adding a couple 2″ X 2″ wooden supports, closing the hole with plywood and covering that with the paneling I removed.

Paneling removed and 2 X 2s added on right and bottom. The original 1″ X 2″ framing just wasn’t going to hold anything.

3/4″ plywood added and screwed to frame. I cut a hole in the center to reduce the weight and make it easier to get into that opening if I ever needed to in the future. I will just have to remove the paneling again.

Original paneling replaced over plywood and TV arm mounted with lag screws through paneling, plywood and 2X2.

Trim replaced for a finished look.


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