Lesson 80 – A Sunday Solo

The weather was just about perfect yesterday. I went out by myself to work on ground reference maneuvers and VOR tracking. Overall, it went pretty well. After some rectangular patterns and turns around a point to the left, I switched it up and did a few to the right. They weren’t quite as good but still passable.

For the VOR tracking, I tuned in Janesville and Kenosha VORs and tracked back and forth between them. I picked heading that were a few degrees off from mine so I would have to intercept the course then fly toward or away from the station. This is pretty easy when I can see outside, I have a harder time doing it when we fly dual and I have the hood on.

Next up will be a practice checkride.

  • David says:

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see the check ride writeup!

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