Lesson 79 – More Review

Tuesday was just too hot for me so, rather than flying, we finished the oral exam review. Yesterday was much cooler so, we did go flying. After a quick review of slow flight, steep turns, power off and power on stall, we went down low for some turns around a point. We missed those on the last flight so wanted to get them done this time. I picked my point and entered downwind. My spacing from the point and altitude control were pretty good but, I let my airspeed drop more than the PTS limits. Now that summer is here, I have to remember that it will take just a little more power to keep the speed up.

Next, I entered the pattern at Burlington for some crosswind landings. I am getting better on them but I’m still not really comfortable touching down in the slip. On the last approach, Sandy pulled the power on downwind. When it was obvious we had the runway made, she called for a go around and we departed back toward the east.

On the way home, Sandy had me put the hood on. This time, she had me tune a couple VORs and intercept radials too and from them. I am getting better at this too and my headings and altitudes were within generally PTS limits.

I am scheduled for a practice checkride next Thursday. I hope to get another solo in before that.