Getting Ready for Spring

dishI de-winterized the Kodiak yesterday so it is ready to roll whenever Georgia and I are. I flushed out the antifreeze and sanitized the fresh water tank and lines.

I closed the water heater bypass and opened the tank valves. Then I flushed the water heater tank. There is a piece of paneling that has to come off to get to the water heater. I left it off last fall as a reminder that the tank was bypassed. I reinstalled that too.

We stored the TVs inside over the winter so I remounted those on their swivel brackets. Up until last fall, we had DirectTV at home so we would just take one of the receivers with us when we traveled with the trailer. Now we have switched over to cable in the house so we needed a new satellite solution for the Kodiak.

We decided on the Dish Network VIP 211z because we can turn the service on and off so we are not paying for the winter while the trailer is stored. I still have to hook that up to the dish and turn on the service when we are ready for our first trip.

I still have to put the TireMinder sensors back on and reprogram the monitor. Then we just have to load up and we can go.