Free Genealogy Courses Online

Would you like to take a genealogy course at a major university but can’t afford the time or money to actually go there? Here is a quick tip for you.

Brigham Young University offers family history classes for free. Go to for a complete list of the free courses offered at BYU. The genealogy and family history classes you can take are:


  • Introduction to Family History Research
  • Writing Family History
  • Helping Children Love your Family History

Record Types

  •  Family Records
  • Vital Records
  • Military Records

 Regional and Ethnic

  • French Research
  • Germany Research
  • Huguenot Research
  • Scandinavian Research

Once you finish with your genealogy classes, there are plenty of other subjects on the BYU site that you can also study for free. It is one of the great bargains in education!