Camping With Max

Duck Ride

​​We no longer have a travel trailer but, our grandson Maxwell remembers when we did. Since he was about three he has been asking if we can buy another one ​so we can take him camping.

Buying another trailer isn't an option right now but we did do the next best thing. Last week we rented a cabin at a campground near Wisconsin Dells and took Max there for a four night trip. Now that he is six, he is old enough to really enjoy The Dells.

​Day 1

Cabin At Baraboo Hills

​On Monday, we went to Chicago to get Max. We were not leaving until the next day but he would stay at our house Monday night so we could load the minivan and head out on our trip Tuesday morning.  He was excited and had trouble getting to sleep. I let him sleep in a little ​on Tuesday morning while I ​got everything​ loaded.

We ​were on the road about 10 am and made it to The Dells around 1:30. The trip took longer than expected because of a long detour for construction. Still, we were there in plenty of time to get some lunch before checking in at the Baraboo Hills Campground.

These are very nice deluxe cabins with private bathrooms. Something of a must for a six year old and his grandparents!

We unloaded and organized our little cabin and then went into Baraboo for groceries.

​By the time we got back and put everything away, it was getting pretty late in the evening. We decided to go out to eat rather than cook that first night so we went to the Log Cabin Restaurant. Max enjoyed the rustic atmosphere and the many animal carvings they have. The food is always good there too.

​After dinner we went back to the campground, made the beds and went for a walk before turning in for the night.

​Day 2

​Wednesday morning. I made bacon and eggs at the cabin before we left the ca​mpground for our first day in Wisconsin Dells itself. There were a few things we had planned to do and others that ​​would be more spur of the moment. 

​We had planed to start with the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory but, on the way there, we made an extra stop at Parson's Indian Trading Post. Parson's has been a fixture in Wisconsin Dells forever. It ​has been in operation since 1918 so it predates all the amusement parks, water parks and other attractions. I remember going there when I was not much older than Max.

We went through the museum to see the Native American artifacts and then shopped in the store when they ​sell native crafts as well as the usual tourist stuff. 

Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

The Exploratory is just across the the parking lot from Parson's so it was a quick trip to get there.

This is a great place for kids with hundreds of hands on experiments that teach science, math and engineering in fun ways. ​The children play while they learn.

Max was fascinated with everything but really loved the interactive MIR space station and the robots.

The Exploratory filled up our time until we finally left to get a late lunch before our next planned event.

Train Served Food

​We went back the way we had come, into Lake Delton and to Buffalo Phil's Family Restaurant. The big attraction at Phil's is the train served food. Model train tracks run all over the serving floor and the trains drop off food right at the tables.

​The trains ​might be what gets people in but the food is good too. Buffalo Phil's is a must meal stop when visiting The Dells with kids.

​Phil's is right next door to another attraction called Knuckleheads. We would go there on another day but time was running out Wednesday and we had somewhere to be.

​Our last stop in Wisconsin Dells on this second day was the Rick Wilcox Magic ​​Show

Max and I are both big magic fans and we had been looking forw​ard to seeing this show. Rick and his wife Susan Wilcox have been doing t​here magic show in The Dells for over 20 years. Georgia and I saw them for the first time almost that long ago.  

Max has been practicing his own magic tricks at home and ​he actually knows how a lot of the tricks are done.