A Big Change

A major change has occurred since my last post. I have switched flight schools and I am now at Waukegan Wings at Waukegan Regional Airport. I really like the people at Campbell and the decision to change was not an easy one. In the end, it came down to what training environment I feel most […]

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Lesson 3 – Differences

The first thing different about yesterday was that we actually got to fly. Somewhere I read that winter is a good time for flight training because we get clear cold days when engine performance and visibility are both excellent. That might be true most years but, I haven’t seen it around here this winter. It […]

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On the Ground

The weather was way too bad to fly yesterday. We had rain all day and even a couple thunderstorms thrown in. It wasn’t the usual January weather we get here in northern Illinois but, it happens some times. Another student and I teamed up for a ground school session with Tim. We went over engine […]

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Lesson 2 – First Trip to Galt

Yesterday was about 40 degrees warmer than Wednesday was. It was a much nicer day to be outside but, again, the visibility wasn’t great. It would be nice to have a horizon to reference one of these days. Still, we did get to fly so it was a good day. The checklist is getting easier. […]

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Lesson 1 – Intro Flight

The sky was a clear blue when I left for the airport this morning but the temperature was a brutal 8 degrees with a wind chill below zero. The calendar may say that this is the first day of winter but it started weeks ago here. Cold as it was, today was actually the warmest […]

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It’s Official!

The couple of you actually reading these posts probably realize that I have been deceiving you. The top banner says this is “the rambling journal of a middle-aged student pilot” but, that wasn’t technically true – at least until today. This afternoon I passed my third class medical so, now I can honestly say that […]

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The New Guys

Just waiting for the medical coming up on Monday. I’m pretty confident that I have everything in order and will pass so; I decided to go ahead and schedule my first lesson for next week. I called the airport a couple days ago to see what they had available. It turns out, the instructor I […]

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Personal Aviation

I took the “What Airplane Are You” quiz and here are the results.You are a DEHAVILLAND BEAVER. You loveadventure. You are a person of the outdoors,very in-tune with nature and your surroundings.You enjoy communication between people, andalso your alone time. You are not afraid totake risks. You aren’t afraid of sucking upsome of the pleasures […]

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Medical Scheduled

The EKG and lab results came back and everything is normal.  I just need one more blood pressure reading in my doctor’s office and I’ll be good to go.  I called one of the local AMEs and scheduled my exam for December 19th. I got my Sporty’s Private Pilot DVD course in the mail and watched the […]

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Poked and Prodded

I don’t have a lot to report but thought I would give an update on the status of my medical. I visited my optometrist on December 1st. He found that my eyes are still very healthy and my prescription has only changed a little. I shouldn’t have any problem at all with the vision test. […]

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