Lesson 16 – Just Stalling

Stage two training started off with a lesson on stalls. We began with some slow flight but, this time, Sandy had me go from there right into a power off stall. We followed that with a couple power off stalls from 20 degree banked turns. I had no particular problem with those. I managed to stay coordinated so the stalls were pretty gentle and straight ahead. I just lowered the nose, added power, rolled the wings level, got a positive rate of climb and slowely raised the flaps. My only problem in previous stall training was getting the nose too low. I didn’t t do that this time so, these were my best stall recoveries yet.

We next did three departure stalls (power on stalls) straight ahead. The first of these broke to the left so I went through the spin entry recovery routine. I cut the power, used right rudder to level the wings then put the power back in. It worked just as advertised. I managed to stay coordinated during the second one so all I had to do was lower the nose a little to break the stall. The third time was again pretty much coordinated. I did feel the left wing start to drop but got it back easily with just a little right rudder – no spin entry recovery needed.

Our time was up so we didn’t get a chance to do any power on turning stalls during this lesson. We will be doing plenty more stalls in future training and we will get to them. My CFI and I were both pleased with how the flight went. We are going to move right on to the next lesson in the syllabus which is, pattern entry at local airports. I’m scheduled for Thursday and it should be an interesting and challenging session. Please come back to read all about it.