Apple iPad For Pilots?

The Apple iPad looks like the next great tool for pilots. A model with both 3G and WI-FI – loaded with aviation apps – should be a flight planning powerhouse. The big screen makes it an iPhone on steroids. It is going to be on my wish list.

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Jeff Sumeracki says January 28, 2010

As soon as I find out that I can download my charts for FREE (or a small donation) in PDF format and view them subscription-free in a PDF viewer on the iPad, I’m sold.

I have been considering a paperless cockpit for some time, but wanted the fast refresh rate and functionality of my current iTouch. Problem is the screen is too small. I have a 32GB model and the IFR charts for the entire Eastern US take up only 1.5 Gigs per cycle. I simply delete and re-write every cycle.

Can’t say this loudly enough – SUBSCRIPTION FREE and I’m a buyer. I already have to pay enough for weather and charts on my 530W/430W stack.

Next step – bring on ADS-B so we can have free (taxpayer supplied) weather and traffic in the cockpit. Transport that to my 530W and don’t require me to buy an MFD and we’re in business!

Ready to enable my Mode-S extended squitter, say the word FAA!

Dan at says January 28, 2010

The only problem is it doesn’t have GPS yet! My iPhone is still the best handheld GPS device I own currently. But yes, when the iPad gets GPS, it’ll be awesome for aviation.

rusty wrycza says January 29, 2010

if we can figure out how to load it up with FREE IFR approach plates, and the AF/D *UGB* / ugly green book
that would be cool…
moving map… even better

Anonymous says January 21, 2011


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Tom says January 27, 2011

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