Jeff Schweitzer: Airplanes Don’t Kill People, People Do

The suicide of Austin, Texas pilot  Joseph Stack by flying his Cherokee into an IRS office is already stimulating calls for more restrictions on personal aviation.

Jeff Schweitzer has written an excellent and well reasoned response to the knee jerk reactions that are being put forth. In part he says:

“People fear what they do not know, and the inner workings of aviation certainly are mysterious to all but pilots. So a terrible event like what happened in Austin brings forth fearful cries to restrict personal flying, known broadly as “general aviation” or “GA” for short. That initial response is understandable, but terribly misguided. The best way to counter the many misperceptions about flying is to bring to light the true benefits of general aviation”

You can read the full article at:

Jeff Schweitzer: Airplanes Don’t Kill People, People Do

Please share this with your friends – especially the non-pilots you know. I am afraid that it is already too late to stop the coming restrictions but let’s all try our best.