Waiting for Georgia’s Surgery

For a while we didn’t think it was going to happen but, Georgia is going in for her gastric bypass surgery tomorrow.

She has been on a high protein liquid diet for two weeks now in preparation and went to the hospital for a pre-surgery checkup and lab work last Tuesday. Her kidney function readings were pretty high so the doctor considered delaying her surgery. He referred her to a nephrologist who though the problem might be too much protein. She had a test done in March and he hoped that by reducing her protein intake and stopping her cholesterol medication, which can also be hard on the kidneys, she could get back to those March levels in a couple day. He also scheduled a kidney ultrasound to make sure there were no other issues.

The ultrasound came back clear and, by following the doctors revised diet advice, Georgia’s retest on Saturday was back to the March levels and she was cleared for surgery. So, we are spending our 4Th of July at home getting ready to go to the hospital early in the morning.

  • Praying everything comes out well!!! *HUG*

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