Two More Years Gone By Already

I just scheduled my FAA medical which means another two years have flown by. With so many projects taking up for my time, I just don’t have enough for any of them. If I could just get rid of work….

Update: 12/14/2009 – I passed again so I’m good until 2011. As Rusty pointed out in the comments, I also need a flight review soon. I want to make the most of that requirement by learning something new. Right now I’m thinking about getting a TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft) checkout.

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rusty wrycza says December 9, 2009

next thing ya know, it’ll be time for a BFR, or another rating…
no bugs this time of year – night flying with a full moon & white stuff on the ground cannot be beat!

Midlife Magazine says January 16, 2010

Time does fly and no matter how we try to run from it, it will catch up! I’m not a pilot nor do I want to be. (I hate flying) But I do love your photography!

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