Two More Years Gone By Already

I just scheduled my FAA medical which means another two years have flown by. With so many projects taking up for my time, I just don’t have enough for any of them. If I could just get rid of work….

Update: 12/14/2009 – I passed again so I’m good until 2011. As Rusty pointed out in the comments, I also need a flight review soon. I want to make the most of that requirement by learning something new. Right now I’m thinking about getting a TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft) checkout.

  • rusty wrycza says:

    next thing ya know, it’ll be time for a BFR, or another rating…
    no bugs this time of year – night flying with a full moon & white stuff on the ground cannot be beat!

  • Midlife Magazine says:

    Time does fly and no matter how we try to run from it, it will catch up! I’m not a pilot nor do I want to be. (I hate flying) But I do love your photography!

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