Still Here

Work has forced me to restrict my flying to weekends lately. Weather has prevented me from flying on weekends lately. Net result – all work and no play!

Today is another IRF day here in the Chicagoland area. Work pressure have eased some though so I scheduled lessons for both Tuesday and Thursday of the coming week. I have been trying to get the long solo cross country done for two months now. Hopefully it will happen soon.

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Anonymous says January 25, 2007

Glad you’re hanging in there… you’re struggle to get your cross country done sounds like my struggle to get my Instrument Rating finished.

You need good wx, I need a good CFII!

Good luck, you’ll get there!


Tom says January 26, 2007

Thanks for the encouragement David. As my CFI said yesterday;

“This is getting beyond funny.”

I had to cancel again today (Friday Jan. 26) because of low ceilings.

I hope you can work out your CFII issues soon.


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