Setting the Wheels in Motion

I visited Campbell airport and was impressed with the friendly people I met. The CFI I spoke to suggested I get my medical out of the way before taking any lessons. Since I am 55, and taking medication for high blood pressure, passing that physical is not a given. He could have given me a hard sell and signed me up for lessons right then so that the school would make some money even if I couldn’t pass the medical, but he didn’t. He filled me in on how scheduling works, a little about his philosophy of instruction and what would be covered. He suggested I start reading the FAAs Airplane Flying Handbook while waiting for the medical and also recommended the Sporty’s Private Pilot Flight Training DVD course. I like that he seemed to be more interested in me getting off to the right start than in getting as much money out of me as possible. Others might be looking for something more formal but, for me, the laid back homey atmosphere made me comfortable with my decision to choose Campbell.

Research on the AOPA web site got me the information I need to prepare for the medical exam. I highly recommend the AOPA site’s medical section to anyone who has any questions at all about the FAA medical.  I went to see my optometrist yesterday to make sure I won’t have any problem with the vision test. I also have an appointment with my regular doctor scheduled for Monday to start the testing required to complete the Hypertension Evaluation Worksheet that is available on the AOPA web site.  Stay tuned for the results.