Poked and Prodded

I don’t have a lot to report but thought I would give an update on the status of my medical. I visited my optometrist on December 1st. He found that my eyes are still very healthy and my prescription has only changed a little. I shouldn’t have any problem at all with the vision test. Since my glasses are about 6 years old, I ordered a new pair.

I had an office visit with my regular doctor on December 5th and got my EKG and lab tests done yesterday. I hope to get the results today. I still need two more blood pressure readings in my doc’s office to complete the hypertension evaluation. If the lab results are acceptable, I will call my local AME to set up an appointment for the 3rd class medical.

I recently learned that Illinois requires all pilots to register with the state and pay a $10 fee every 2 years. Guess I will have to take care of that before I solo. Just one more thing to add to my to-do list.